Audits, Investigations, Litigation

Orange Legal Technologies delivers one source litigation support services enabled by technology and powered by experts. Our goal is to deliver guaranteed value and results through these services to the world’s leading law firms and corporations. We guarantee this value based on our team’s ability to manage data, projects, and expectations.

In providing this value, we help organizations quickly respond to internally and externally driven litigation by delivering services that allow for the establishment of electronic stored information (ESI) as evidence.

How might I recognize the need for ESI evidence?

While litigation is a primary driver for ESI as evidence, litigation situations manifest themselves to organizations in a variety of ways with recognizable “triggers” to include but not limited to:


  • Recognition that a law may have been violated within the organization.
  • Understanding that an organization may be a candidate for a lawsuit.
  • Receipt of a Preservation of Evidence Letter.
  • Requirement to participate in a pre-trial Meet and Confer Conference.
  • Required adherence to ESI Plan as agreed upon in pre-trial Meet and Confer Conference and/or as ordered by the court .
  • Production of ESI as ordered by the court.

How can Orange Legal Technologies help?

By providing electronic discovery-centric services to include:

  • Collection Services that help you acquire potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI).
  • Analytics Services that help you identify and eliminate irrelevant document sets early in your efforts.
  • Processing Services that help you prepare relevant files for subsequent use while ensuring that the techniques used are defensible.
  • Review (Technology Platform) Services that help you define and examine a data sets of documents for relevance, responsiveness, privilege, and/or confidentiality.
  • Review (Predictive Coding) Services that help you accelerate the review process through the use of automated review technologies and expert reviewer assistance.
  • Review (Managed Talent) Services that staffs and conducts defensible review managed by U.S. licensed attorneys.
  • Production Services that help you deliver or make available to another party documents and/or ESI deemed responsive to a discovery request.
  • Litigation Support Services that help you complete specific tasks relating to the planning, preparation, and presentation of evidence in paper and digital formats.

We can help you meet the challenges presented in litigation matters in a manner that delivers to you demonstrated legal and economic value.

Contact us to learn more about how our services are good for you and great for you clients.