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Orange Legal Technologies:  Company Overview and eDiscovery OfferingsRead Now.

This eight page document provides a detailed overview of OrangeLT™ and its complete portfolio of eDiscovery offerings.  Document includes details of services to include:

  • Digital Evidence Services to support forensic data related consulting, analysis and collection.
  • eDiscovery Services (Processing and Review Hosting) to support analytics, processing and review.
  • Review Services (Managed Review and Technology Assisted Review) to support document review.

 One Document. Once Decision. One Result.


One Decision® Document Review Accelerator – Read Now.

This six page overview highlights Orange Legal Technologies’ proprietary One Decision Document Review AcceleratorThis service, integrated into the OneO Discovery Platform,  leverages advanced near-duplicate identification technology to enhance reviewer efficiency by grouping similar documents and allowing them to be considered together during legal document reviews as part of the eDiscovery process.  This grouping and ability to propagate coding decisions throughout all near-duplicate documents results in more efficient and economical document reviews.

Talent. Technology. Total Managed Review.


Complete Managed Review:  Process Overview – Read Now.

This nine page document provides a concise overview of Orange Legal Technologies’ Complete Managed Review Service workflow.  Providing technology and talent, managed review helps corporate legal departments and their outside counsel conduct the critical electronic discovery task of document review by combining teams of expertly trained legal review attorneys with an integrated, forensically sound eDiscovery platform to allow for rapid, accurate, and defensible document reviews.

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To learn more about how Orange Legal Technologies’ differentiation can make a difference in your electronic discovery, contact us today for an introductory briefing and demonstration.

About Orange Legal Technologies

Formed in 2008 as an eDiscovery-centric outgrowth of the 1995 founded Litigation Document Group, Orange Legal Technologies is a leading provider of electronic discovery litigation, audit, and investigation services for law firms and corporations. Having served over 1,000 clients since inception and with over 250 clients leveraging the OneO® Discovery Platform since its introduction, OrangeLT™ has worked with some of the world’s most well known corporations and law firms and has been recognized in leading analyst and media publications from such organizations as Gartner, IDC, 451 Research and Forbes.

OrangeLT™ is a leading provider of electronic discovery litigation, audit, and investigation services for law firms and corporations.  OrangeLT offers a complete suite of electronic discovery technology and services, including collection, analysis, processing, review and production of digital and paper-based information. OrangeLT is enabled by the OneO® Discovery Platform – an integrated, web-accessible electronic discovery platform that provides online analysis, processing, and review of unstructured data from the security of a hosted centralized repository.

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