Customized eDiscovery Technology


Orange Legal Technologies provides law firms and corporations with a unique combination of customized technology solutions designed to increase client productivity and streamline the eDiscovery process.  Unlike many eDiscovery service vendors that resell and manage licensed pre-packaged software from multiple providers, Orange Legal Technologies leverages its own internally developed OneO Discovery Platform to deliver customized solutions to address our clients’ specific needs.  The OneO Platform allows our clients to seamlessly Collect, Analyze, Process, Review, and Produce documents from a single secure web-hosted environment.

Most importantly, managing our own software and development teams allows us to customize our software to address the specific needs of our target clients while providing complete pricing flexibility since we do not have to pay a third party.

OneO Discovery Platform

Core Offerings

The OneO Platform was designed from the ground up to make eDiscovery document management features very easy to learn and use.  OneO utilizes a highly intuitive Microsoft Outlook style user interface that allows users to complete common tasks efficiently and simplifies incorporating advanced features into custom designed workflows.

The OneO Discovery Platform provides our clients with several unique technology related differentiators including:

  • Virtually instantaneous document viewing and navigation
  • Comprehensive native file viewing support
  • Secure access from any location or platform including PC/Mac/iPad/Android
  • Highly advanced document redaction capability including innovative Native Excel spreadsheet redaction functionality
  • Proprietary Near Duplicate identification and clustering technology
  • On-the-fly user configurable Foreign Language Translation


To learn more about how Orange Legal Technologies’ differentiation can make a difference in your electronic discovery, contact us today for an introductory briefing and demonstration.

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