Managed Attorney Review Services


Attorneys that Understand Technology and How to Use it to Maximize Efficiencies

OrangeLT’s Complete Managed Review Service provides expert talent to conduct defensible reviews of electronically stored documents and data.  The service leverages highly trained on-shore U.S. licensed attorney teams and managers.  Our review attorneys are unique because they are highly trained in technology and how to use it.  Located in the same facility as our technology teams and our project managers, our review teams work hand in hand with our database experts throughout the project to improve workflow, immediately resolve issues when they come up and maximize review efficiencies.


OrangeLT’s attorneys, in conjunction with our client services teams, provide complete, production-ready review work-product including issue coding and privilege/confidentiality designations under the direction of outside counsel.  Multi-layered quality control processes and utilization of the OneO platform provide consistent and high quality results.

Contract Review Processes:

  • Case consulting and setup.
  • Organization and training of review teams to support case appropriate client requirements.
  • Multi-stage QC process of review decisions.
  • Management and validation of review team activities to ensure efficient document review.
  • Full online access to complete reviewer productivity reporting.


  • Anti Trust Investigations
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Consumer Fraud Lawsuits
  • Hatch Waxman Litigation
  • IP Litigation
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation
  • Third-Party Subpoena Requests
  • Opposing Party Productions


To learn more about how Orange Legal Technologies’ differentiation can make a difference in your electronic discovery, contact us today for an introductory briefing and demonstration.

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