When our clients are asked why they choose Orange Legal Technologies, a common response is, “Orange Legal Technologies understands our business, cares about our success and has created customized software and services to address our specific needs.”


Although Orange Legal Technologies provides a broad suite of services to provide end-to-end discovery solutions, we believe our focus and deep experience in three primary practice areas—IP matters, Litigation and AntiTrust—makes us unique among litigation support and attorney review service providers.

We have specialized practice groups made up of both attorneys and technology experts who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues companies and their outside counsel deal with on a day to day basis.


Unlike many litigation support companies that resell and manage licensed pre-packaged software from multiple providers, Orange Legal Technologies leverages its own internally developed OneO Discovery Platform to deliver customized solutions to address our clients’ specific needs.  The OneO Platform allows our clients and review teams to dramatically increase the speed and lower the cost of reviewing, redacting and producing documents from a single secure web-hosted environment.

Managing our own software allows us to customize our software to address the specific needs of our target clients while providing complete pricing flexibility since we do not have to pay a third party to access their software and services.


To learn more about how Orange Legal Technologies’ differentiation can make a difference in your electronic discovery, contact us today for an introductory briefing and demonstration. QR Code - OrangeLT