Orange Legal Technologies Releases One Decision® Document Review Accelerator for eDiscovery


OrangeLT™ Releases One Decision® Document Review Accelerator

Advanced Near-Duplicate Identification Technology Simplifies eDiscovery Document Reviews by Delivering More Consistent, Less Costly and Higher Quality Results.

SALT LAKE CITY – Orange Legal Technologies, a leading provider of electronic discovery technology and services for law firms and corporations, today announced the release of the One Decision® Document Review Accelerator for near-duplicate identification during eDiscovery processing and legal document reviews.  Developed by OrangeLT™ and fully integrated into the OneO® Discovery Platform, One Decision leverages advanced near-duplicate identification technology to provide reviewers with a wizard-driven, user-configurable capability to group and consider similar documents together throughout the eDiscovery process.

More Consistent. Less Costly. Higher Quality.

“With studies estimating that the number of near-duplicate documents in complex reviews may reach up to 60%[i], the need for quick and intuitive identification of similar documents is incredibly important for reviewers,” shared Bret Laughlin, Founder and CEO of Orange Legal Technologies.  “One Decision addresses this challenge by providing reviewers with a tool that allows them to directly adjust the parameters of document similarity, including both resemblance[ii] and containment[iii], to create situation appropriate review sets for more consistent, less costly and higher quality reviews.”

“With the continuing proliferation of electronically stored information, near-duplicate documents present a daunting challenge for legal teams because the mere act of copying a few colleagues on an e-mail can set off a chain reaction of near-duplicate documents with little legal significance, but huge electronic discovery costs,” said attorney David Horrigan, analyst for e-discovery and information governance at 451 Research. “We think lawyers, paralegals, and technologists who have had to slog through the often cumbersome process of handling terabyte after terabyte of near-duplicate documents will find a real benefit from a near-duplicate detection technology integrated directly into both the data processing and attorney workflow of a single organically developed platform.”

One Document. One Decision. One Result.

One Decision allows users to experience and benefit from OrangeLT proprietary advanced near-duplication identification technology by providing reviewers a simple, three step approach that is accessible directly from the OneO Discovery Platform Review Module.  This intuitive One Decision approach consists of:

  1. Reviewers selecting ONE DOCUMENT from the review module Document List Grid for near-duplicate evaluation.
  2. Reviewers applying ONE DECISION on resemblance and containment thresholds as set in the Near Duplication Setting Wizard to establish a targeted set of near-duplicate documents.
  3. Reviewers making coding decisions on ONE DOCUMENT and having those decisions propagated throughout associated near-duplicates for ONE RESULT for all documents.

When used in combination with the OneO Discovery Platform and OrangeLT’s Complete Managed Review service, One Decision has the potential of reducing review costs by up to 70%[iv].

Learn More. Today.

To learn more about how OrangeLT can augment your eDiscovery capabilities with the One Decision Review Accelerator, contact us today for an introductory briefing and demonstration.

About Orange Legal Technologies

OrangeLT™ is a leading provider of electronic discovery technology and services for law firms and corporations. Having served over 1,000 clients since inception and with over 250 clients leveraging the OneO® Discovery Platform since its introduction, OrangeLT has worked with some of the world’s most well known corporations and law firms and has been recognized in leading analyst and media publications from such organizations as Gartner, IDC, 451 Research, Inc. Magazine and Forbes.

OrangeLT™ offers a complete suite of electronic discovery services, including collection, analysis, processing, review and production of digital and paper-based information. OrangeLT is enabled by the OneO® Discovery Platform – an integrated, web-accessible electronic discovery platform that provides online analysis, processing, and review of unstructured data from the security of a hosted centralized repository. For additional information on Orange Legal Technologies, please visit our website at:

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[i] Where The Money Goes: Understanding Litigant Expenditures for Producing Electronic Discovery. Nicholas M. Pace and Laura Zakaras. RAND. April 2012.

[ii] Resemblance (or Jaccard coefficient) of two documents is defined as the size of the intersection of their shingle sets divided by the size of the union of shingle sets. (A Shingle is defined as a contiguous sequence of words.)

[iii] Containment of two documents is defined as the size of the intersection of shingle sets divided by the size of the shingle of the initial shingle set.

[iv] Orange Legal Technologies’ Service and Technology Pricing. Orange Legal Technologies. January 2013.


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