LegalTech® New York 2013 – An Orange Legal Technologies Update


Commencing on January 29, 2013, in New York City, LegalTech® New York provides technology professionals with a comprehensive opportunity to be updated and educated on the latest developments and discussions in the world of legal technology.  With over 200 vendors sharing their technologies and services with over 12,000 legal technology professionals, providing concise yet comprehensive information to attendees is a challenging endeavor for all entities seeking to share their specific value to potential clients.  As one of many eDiscovery providers with individuals attending this year’s event, Orange Legal Technologies will be sharing in this challenging endeavor by highlighting our latest product and performance developments during LegalTech.

With updating and educating legal professionals in mind, our on-site team will be available on January 29 (Tuesday) and January 30 (Wednesday), 2013, for customized discussions and demonstrations of our technology and services.


Provided below is a short online update on Orange Legal Technologies for those who may not have the opportunity to attend and/or meet with our on-site team.

Product “Talking Points”

1. We offer a complete and proven suite of our own electronic discovery services to include legal hold, collection, analysis, processing, review (technology and attorney reviewers) and production of electronically stored information (ESI).  Our core services are supported by the OneO® Discovery Platform.  OneO is an OrangeLT™ developed proprietary platform that provides clients with competitive document review advantages that include:

  • Increased SPEED of document rendering when compared to leading competitive review tools.  (Terminal Services Architecture)
  • Increased EFFICIENCY of document review based on no requirement for client-side native applications. (Native Applications on Terminal Servers)
  • Decreased COST and RISK of eDiscovery activities based on full integration of analytics, processing and review in one application. (Application Architecture)
  • Increased FLEXIBILITY that allows for technology and pricing customization. (Proprietary Technology)

2.  During 1Q 2013 we will be introducing a proprietary implementation of near duplicate detection technology. This near duplicate detection technology implementation appears to offer significant usability and transparency benefits when compared to competitive offerings due to the fact that it allows clients to directly adjust through an intuitive user interface the thresholds for resemblance and containment.  This near duplicate detection technology is also completely developed by OrangeLT, thus can be delivered without the cost constraints typically required by third party near duplicate detection technology licensing.

3.  We offer a complete managed review service that combines our proprietary technology and our own on-shore U.S. licensed attorney teams trained on our proprietary technology with a unique quality control process that incorporates innovative use of technology assisted review attributes to deliver one of the most comprehensive review capabilities available.

For a complete list of current offerings, click here.

Performance “Talking Points”

1.  Continued growth as demonstrated by double-digit annual eDiscovery revenue growth in 2012 and achievement of 18 consecutive quarters of eDiscovery growth (4Q 2012).

2.  Continued commitment to expansion of eDiscovery expertise as demonstrated by hiring of legal technology industry veterans to include:

  • Jerry Correia (President)
  • Parkash Khatri (VP of Digital Evidence Services)
  • Shawn Workman (VP of Managed Review Services)
  • Scott Woodworth (eDiscovery Consultant).

3.  Achievement of client milestones to include over 1,000 clients supported by OrangeLT since inception and over 250 clients supported by the OneO Discovery Platform since its release.

Whether on-site at LegalTech New York 2013 or online, you can learn more about how Orange Legal Technologies can assist or augment your electronic discovery capabilities by contacting us at or 1-801-328-4566 to set up a discussion, introductory briefing and/or demonstration of our electronic discovery services.

About Orange Legal Technologies

OrangeLT™ is a leading provider of electronic discovery litigation, audit, and investigation services for law firms and corporations. Having served over 1,000 clients since inception and with over 250 clients leveraging the OneO® Discovery Platform since its introduction, Orange Legal Technologies has worked with some of the world’s most well known corporations and law firms.

OrangeLT™ offers a complete suite of electronic discovery services, including collection, analysis, processing, review and production of digital and paper-based information. OrangeLT™ is enabled by the OneO® Discovery Platform – an integrated, web-accessible electronic discovery platform that provides online analysis, processing, and review of unstructured data from the security of a hosted centralized repository. For additional information on Orange Legal Technologies (@OrangeLT), please visit our website at:

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