OrangeLT™ Partner Leverages OneO® to Decrease Discovery Spend of World Leader in Audio Communications

Recently highlighted by Orange Legal Technologies’ partner BlackStone Discovery, the following announcement offers insight into how the OneO® Discovery Platform helped one of the world’s audio communication leaders decrease their eDiscovery spend by over 65%.

From BlackStone Discovery

BlackStone Discovery Leverages The OneO® Discovery Platform to Deliver Comprehensive E-Discovery Services & Immediate Cost Savings to The World’s Leader in Audio Communications

The Right People, the Right Approach and the Right Technology Empowers BlackStone Discovery to shrink their client’s eDiscovery Spend by Over 65%

Silicon Valley, CA – (February 22, 2012) BlackStone Discovery, Silicon Valley’s trusted discovery partner and provider of litigation support services for law firms and corporations, today highlighted its recent success in supporting the eDiscovery efforts of a leading audio communications company based in Northern California. By spending the time to understand their client’s needs and customize a solution employing best of bread technology, BlackStone was able to once again deliver results that matter to a general counsel and to the leaders of an enterprise.   Leveraging the OneO eDiscovery Platform from Orange Legal Technologies, BlackStone was able to reduce the firm’s eDiscovery project spend by over 65% in comparison to previous, non-BlackStone supported electronically stored information (ESI) investigation efforts.

“When we start an engagement with our clients we focus our entire team on what matters most – determining the real goals of our client. On this matter the goals were obvious – contain costs while producing defensible high quality data to help win the case. Based on the dynamics of this case; the volume of data, the intense time constraints for collection, filtering, reviewing and producing, the only platform that made sense was the OneO platform,” shared John P. Kelly, President and CEO of BlackStone Discovery.  “By keeping the data in one platform from ingestion through production we were able to control costs and minimize confusion.”

Right People, BlackStone Discovery’s Vice President of Discovery Services Dave Darner personally met with key individuals onsite at the clients location, listened to their needs and came up with a cost effective, customized plan from collection through production. Active communication, budget meetings and consistent progress reports enabled the client to stay in control with absolutely no surprises. Previously the client would cringe in fear when hearing any news from their expensive discovery consultants, but now the leading audio communications company welcomed the upfront and honest communication from the professionals at BlackStone.

Right Approach, Using their proprietary Rapid Response Methodology which ensures a quick-start adaptable approach that keep clients in control, BlackStone Discovery was able to frame issues, exchange best practices, and develop a needs analysis to address the client’s goals. When the deadline switched from 1 month to less than a 1 week, BlackStone’s change management capabilities were put to the test. The incredible deadlines and the changes were not an issue because BlackStone’s highly trained professionals were able to adapt to the circumstances and produce accurate and cost effective solutions.

Right Technology, When qualified professionals are using a consultative approach great technology can really make a big difference in the outcome of a case. The OneO eDiscovery Platform’s ability to cut the lead time in half saved the premier audio communications company over 65%, nearly half a million dollars, on the eDiscovery expenses compared with the previous non-BlackStone vendor. In addition to the staggering costs savings, the OneO platform’s state-of-the-art infrastructure allowed for the changing production formats, blending existing data types, and even for the client to instantaneously move their review on site, to meet the shortened deadline. OneO was simply the only platform that could deliver that type of flexibility and defensibility and cost saving in one complete environment.

“OneO chose BlackStone Discovery to be their exclusive Northern California partner because we understand the value of the integrated OneO platform and how to leverage OneO to deliver the best results for our clients,” said Dave Darner, the Vice President of Directory Services. “In 2011 the number of BlackStone hosted OneO databases grew dramatically, making them us one of their most active partners nationwide.”

About BlackStone Discovery

BlackStone Discovery is Silicon Valley’s preferred electronic discovery and document management company with a wide range of data-centric services delivered through their quick start and adaptable approach known as The Rapid Response Methodology™. BlackStone Discovery’s portfolio of litigation support services includes collection, native analysis, processing, review, and production services supported by a dedicated team of litigation technology consultants and project managers. To learn more about how BlackStone Discovery can significantly reduce the time, money, and risk associated with your eDiscovery efforts, visit or contact us today directly at 1-650-331-3000.

To learn more about how Orange Legal Technologies can assist or augment your electronic discovery capabilities today, contact us at or 1-801-328-4566 for an introductory briefing and demonstration of our electronic discovery services.


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