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Defensibly Decrease Data Set Sizes for Review – Early.

The OneO® Discovery Platform provides law firm and corporate legal professionals with an integrated, web-accessible, forensically sound electronic discovery platform that enables online analytics, processing, and review of data from the security of a hosted centralized repository. The OneO® Discovery Platform can quantifiably save users time and cost while lowering the risks associated with traditional electronic discovery approaches.

Today the legal review process for electronically stored information (ESI) remains the single most expensive portion of the entire electronic discovery process. In fact, depending on one’s source of reference, the cost of review can comprise up to 80% of the total cost of e-Discovery.

In the conduct of an actual legal review, the portion of the process that typically takes the most time and costs the most money is the first pass email and document review.

The cost associated with this first pass review is a function of both the amount of data to be reviewed and the time it takes reviewers to conduct the review. In other words, if you want to decrease the cost of the review process, the best way to do it is to use advanced filtering and deduplication analysis tools to decrease the size of data sets to be considered during first pass reviews.

Developed to meet these challenges by providing users an integrated platform for efficient electronic discovery , Orange Legal Technologies’ OneO® Discovery Platform can help defensibly decrease data set sizes on the front end of the electronic discovery process while streamlining first and second pass reviews by providing features such as integrated workflow and collaboration – saving users considerable time and money when compared to many of the solutions available in the market today.


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What is Orange Legal Technologies’ OneO® Discovery Platform?

Orange Legal Technologies’ OneO® Discovery Platform is an integrated, web-accessible electronic discovery platform that enables online analysis, processing, and review of unstructured data from the security of a hosted centralized repository. Delivered under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that requires no incremental investment on your behalf for hardware, software, or support personnel, OneO® allows users to gain full control of the electronic discovery process by providing a forensically sound discovery platform that allows users to:

  • Identify relevant document sets and eliminate irrelevant documents at the front end of the electronic discovery process.
  • Prepare relevant files for subsequent use while ensuring evidence defensibility.
  • Review data sets for relevance, responsiveness, privilege, and confidentiality.

Additionally, Orange Legal Technologies provides both collection and production services that can be used in conjunction with OneO® or our best of breed partners to ensure full support for law firm or corporation litigation, audit, and investigation requirements.

What are the key capabilities of OneO®?

Consisting of an integrated platform organized into three service modules, the key capabilities of OneO® are as follows:

OneO® O1 Analytics

  • Data Preparation allows for the ingestion and normalization of unstructured data as well as ensures that data is managed in a forensically sound manner.
  • Data Indexing provides a comprehensive index that includes full text and metadata attributes and can quickly be queried online to organize, understand, and assess available data.
  • Data Reduction and Organization is accomplished through the combined used of culling and filtering technologies that provide system file, data range, extension, custodian, and key word filtering as well as the application of near duplicate identification.
  • Data Understanding is facilitated with unique features to include interesting phrase finder and conversation thread linking technologies allowing for analysis of data within context of its use.
  • Early Case Assessment is the combined leveraging of the preparation, indexing, organization, and understanding capabilities of O1 Analytics to provide users with the ability to balance opportunities, risks, and costs in preparation for litigation, audits, and investigations.

OneO® O2 Processing

  • Data Filtering provides the capability to filter data by date ranges, extensions, custodians, and key words as well as allows for system file filtering against the NIST database using the MD5 hashing algorithm.
  • Data Deduplication is provided using the MD5 hashing standard and can be accomplished throughout processing at both the global and/or the document family group level.
  • Metadata Extraction allows for the efficient capture of system, file, and field metadata for most unstructured data formats.
  • Full Text Extraction is conducted automatically in O2 Processing and is augmented as required by streamlined exception handling procedures to support secondary extractions via OCR and print driver text recognition.
  • Data Conversion allows for the full conversion of native file formats into high quality TIFF images and PDF documents while also supporting native file linking.
  • Load File Preparation allows for the seamless production of standard output files based on XML, Pass Through, Image, Native, and Proprietary Database Load Formats to ensure ease of use with industry standard review tools to include O3 Review.
  • Custom Database Development allows for the proactive development of custom databases that enable the usage of non-standard review tools and technologies with O2 Processing.

OneO® O3 Review

  • Foreign Language Support is enabled through integrated Unicode Consortium standards and covers 52 worldwide writing systems allowing for the scoping, searching, and review of data sets without the requirement for additional translation modules or services.
  • Web Based User Access allows for secure access of data sets and the full conduct of review from any geographical location with Internet access without the requirement for additional client-side applications or programs. This capability allows for the use of geographically dispersed review teams that can be quickly pulled together virtually to manage and complete time-sensitive, coordination-intensive review requirements.
  • Integrated Collaboration between reviewers increases the collective experience and knowledge of legal review teams while decreasing the time it takes to communicate and coordinate review issues.
  • Integrated Workflow allows for the proper coordination of documents, reviewers, and technology by allowing for the automation of review processes to include reviewer roles, responsibilities, tasks and timelines.
  • Audit and Reporting features allow users to customize and automate review reports to support both scheduled and real-time status updates.
  • Inclusive Review Proficiency Training is provided as part of the O3 Review to ensure review teams are fully prepared, proficient, and supported in their review efforts.

Investment Protection. Risk Mitigation. OneO®

In addition to the individual attributes of O1 Analytics, O2 Processing, and O3 Review, the OneO® Discovery Platform provides users with increased efficiency and decreased risk based on the following benefits:

  • Implementation: Quickly deploy, customize, and securely access a hosted data repository that may immediately be used by multiple individuals from multiple locations to analyze and review data.
  • Centralization: Allows for time efficient complex searches against large volumes of documents from a centralized electronic discovery platform architecture.
  • Defensibility: Chain of Custody tracking down to the file level, to include extracted compound files and embedded files, throughout the discovery process ensures that both the discovery process and the data are defensible.
  • Scalability: Provides capability to take full advantage of all available processing power regardless of the size of the data set being reviewed or the complexity of the review queries. The investment protection provided by scalable and centralized server architecture ensures that growing capacity requirements do not adversely affect electronic discovery capability.
  • Security: Provides for secure online access to a centralized hosted and secure data repository with forensically sound processes and protocols to ensure both physical and digital security.
  • Usability: Developed using industry accepted and user understood graphical user interface metaphors to ensure easy and intuitive use by end users.

One Source. One Platform. One Result.

To learn more about Orange Legal Technologies’ OneO® Discovery Platform and how it can help you meet your audit, investigation, and litigation requirements, contact us and we can immediately begin to help you translate your needs into action.

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